Meet with Chemicalinfo Agent BudouTech(布斗科技)at CPHI China
发布时间 2017-06-15

Learn why the DWCP has been the industry’s most trusted tool for identifying global producer information for 45 years at CPhi China

The Directory of World Chemical Producers (DWCP) offers extensive information including contact details for producers of chemical raw materials, chemicals and pharmaceuticals from over 100 countries. Searchable by product name, CAS number or company, and global trade data with pricing information updated on a daily basis. The DWCP also offers:

  1. Over 412,300+ product titles
  2. Over 12,700 verified producers
  3. Over 219,000 CAS numbers
  4. Over 143,000 synonyms
  5. MOLBASE Active Field Verified Supplier Data
  6. Trade Data powered by Datamyne
  7. Advertising Packages to reach targeted chemical buyers

Special Show Offer:Save 200 USD on any new Product Purchase if paid by June 30.

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